Sheldon Creed Sweeps Stadium SUPER Trucks Weekend at the Grand Prix of Long Beach

LONG BEACH, Calif. (April 17, 2016) –Sheldon Creed captured the SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Presented by TRAXXAS race No. 2 at the Grand Prix of Long Beach Sunday in an amazing duel with Robby Gordon that had the thousands of fans that lined the 11 turn 1.968-mile street circuit on their feet the entire race in pure amazement how thrilling these SST races truly are.

Immediately from the start of the race this became a race for the ages, as Orange, Calif. driver Robby Gordon would jump out to an early lead on Lap-2 from his sixth starting position, as Alpine, Calif. driver Sheldon Creed would navigate through the traffic jam with perfection to place his TRAXXAS truck right on the rear bumper of Gordon from twelfth. The only two SST Champions in it’s four year history where prepared to put on a show for the capacity crowd that stuck around after the IndyCar event to witness the high-flying, tire squealing chaos we call Stadium SUPER Trucks.

For ten consecutive laps the two drivers absolutely stunned the crowd with the most impressive display of clean SST racing you could ask for. Passing each other back and forth with side-by-side drag racing into corners, bumping each other’s rear bumper, as they would slide around the corners smoking their ultra though Toyo Open Country AT II tires.

The two drivers were checked out from the field having an absolute blast when USAC officials waved the red flag at the start of the eleventh lap for a big accident for Pleasant Hill, Calif., driver Pat O’Keefe who violently rolled his truck over the front stretch TRAXXAS ramp into the catch fence.

As safety crews checked on O’ Keefe, the race was deemed completed with Creed the victor over Gordon.

When it comes to a driver that has been at the front of the field in all Stadium SUPER Truck events in 2016, Surfers Paradise, QLD, Australia driver Matt Brabham is the guy. Brabham has positioned his bright blue United Fiber & Data No. 83 in position to win at all six previous rounds. Sunday was no different advancing to the front of the field from his eleventh starting position. Brabham would put pressure on the lead two of Creed and Gordon on Lap-3 briefly, but the pace of Gordon and Creed was too quick as the two worked out to a 4-truck lead over Brabham. Brabham would remain in third until Tyler McQuarrie would content for that position from him and make the a pass on Lap-6. However, Brabham would fight back making contact with McQuarrie sending both trucks spinning. Brabham would be able to work his way back into the third position where he would finish the exciting event.

Burbank, Calif. driver Erik Davis in just his fifth start in Stadium SUPER Trucks would put himself in the right positions at the right time on Sunday hitting his marks and driving a super clean race. Including avoiding a late race tangle with fellow Californian Tyler McQuarrie and Dustin Scott. Davis would drive his Always Evolving/AERNow/ Replay XD truck to a very respectable fourth place finish.

Mr. Excitement from Saturday’s Round No. 6 Tyler McQuarrie would once again have his Safecraft Saftey Equipment truck ultra fast. McQuarrie would quickly move from tenth starting position into a battle with the lead pack in four short laps. McQuarrie and Brabham would once again find themselves racing hard with each other on the racetrack. McQuarrie would work past Brabham on Lap-6, but Brabham would continue to apply pressure to McQuarrie the two drivers would make contact sending McQuarrie spinning. McQuarrie didn’t stop there as he worked on moving back through the pack but once again would encounter trouble with the Davis and Scott truck. McQuarrie would claim the fifth position.

In making just his fourth ever start on asphalt Dustin Scott of Inver Grove Heights, Minn., would recover the SPEED Energy/ Cobra Transportation Services No. 20 from a early race spin to battle his way back into the third position on Lap-8 until contact with Davis and McQuarrie would make him spin loosing multiple positions. Scott would be credited with the sixth position.

United Fiber and Data/ LIVE driver Bill Hynes of Nazareth, Penn. would be scored in the seventh position ahead of SST newcomer Khaled Al Mudhaf of Kuwait City, Kuwait in eighth.

O’Keefe in the SafeCraft Safety Equipment truck would go on to be credited with ninth in the finishing order after his jaw-dropping aerial acrobatics on the front stretch.

Norwell, QLD, Australia driver Paul Morris would run in the top-5 majority of the day before blowing a power steering line on Lap-6 causing him to pull into the pit lane under the competition caution. As the SST support crew went to work on the United Fiber & Data/LIVE No. 67, but Morris would loose 3 laps to the lead pack. Once rejoining the field Morris would go on to finish the race and be credited with a tenth place finish.

Davey Hamilton of Nampa, Idaho would encounter fuel pick up problems on Lap-6 and would pull the No. 30 Royal Purple Synthetic Oil entry onto pit road for service under the competition caution, but would not rejoin the field.

TRAXXAS driver Keegan Kincaid of Crandon, Wisc., would jump out to an early lead before a electrical issue would end his race early on Lap-2 scoring him in the twelfth spot.

The overall standings over the two races would see Sheldon Creed capture the overall victory with his win on Saturday and Sunday. Matt Brabham would claim second, and Tyler McQuarrie in the third spot.

The next event in the season-long SST World Championship will see the thrills and spills of the SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Presented by TRAXXAS head to the northern United States for the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix June 3-5 for rounds eight and nine.

Advance ticket sales to Rounds 8 & 9 are available through the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix website at

SST Grand Prix of Long Beach

Long Beach, Calif.

April 17, 2016

SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks by TRAXXAS

Round 7 Results

1. Sheldon Creed; No. 1; Alpine, Calif.; TRAXXAS

2. Robby Gordon; No. 7; Orange, Calif.; Arctic Cat/ SPEED Energy/ Toyo Tires / TRAXXAS

3. Matt Brabham; No. 83; Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.; United Fiber & Data/ LIVE/ Think Loud Development

4. Erik Davis; No. 75; Burbank, Calif.; Always Evolving/ AERNow/ Replay XD

5. Tyler McQuarrie; No. 6; Walnut Creek, Calif.; SafeCraft Saftey Equipment/ GoPro/ Golden Gate Petroleum

6. Dustin Scott; No. 20; Inver Grove Heights, Minn.; SPEED Energy/ Toyo Tires/ Cobra Transportation Services/ Delacy Automotive/ Valley Motorsports

7. Bill Hynes; No. 57; Nazareth, Penn.; United Fiber & Data/ LIVE/ Think Loud Development

8. Khaled Al Mudhaf; No. 888; Kuwait City, Kuwait. G-Force Auto Worx/ Kuwait Combat Athletics

9. Pat O’Keefe; No. 14; Pleasant Hill , Calif.; SafeCraft Safety Equipment/ GoPro/ Golden Gate Petroleum

10. Paul Morris; No. 67; Norwell, Queensland, Aus.; United Fiber & Data/ LIVE/ Think Loud Development

11. Davey Hamilton; No. 30; Nampa, Idaho; Royal Purple Synthetic Oil

12. Keegan Kincaid; No. 47; Crandon, Wisc.; TRAXXAS

Sheldon Creed Double’s Down in Las Vegas Capturing the 2015 Championship and SST Season Finale

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (November 5, 2015) – Sheldon Creed drove his TRAXXAS truck to victory over Robby Gordon in the season finale of the SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Presented by TRAXXAS race Thursday night, as the standing room only crowd cheered in excitement.

Transformed overnight the Thursday event adjacent to the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip, featured two unique divisions of off-road racing. The Arctic Cat Wildcat Stadium Side x Sides, and the main attraction Stadium SUPER Trucks.

The Las Vegas victory was the 18-year-old Creed’s ninth of the season. After breaking an axle in the heat race the Alpine, Calif. off-road prodigy would blast out to the early lead from his second starting position and would never look back. By strategically taking the joker lap later in race segment Creed would be able to put sizable lead on the hard charging Arctic Cat/ Toyo Tires driver of Robby Gordon whom ran out of laps as he tried to catch the ultra quick Creed and settled for second position in the 12-lap main event.

Scotty Steele from Peoria, Arizona would overcome his hood blown up in his line of vision for majority of the race to navigate the LIVE/Think Loud Recordings/ Think Loud Advisors truck around the twisty and fast paced circuit to well earned third place finish.

NASCAR Europe standout Anthony Gandon, from Bayonne, France making his first SST start drove a smooth and clean race to finish with a respectable fourth place finish in the Red Style!/ Carrosserie Ayensa truck. Rounding out the top five was famed Gold Coast, Australia Stuntman turned SST driver Matt Mingay, driving for Team LIVE/Think Loud Recordings/United Fiber and Data.

Gandon and Mingay whom both traveled thousands of miles to participate in the SST Las Vegas event both displayed huge smiles after the checkered flag flew.

“I have driven many forms of racecars, and been to many events around the globe, but these SST trucks and the event Robby Gordon and staff put on is like nothing I have ever experienced before, the chaos on track and pure entertainment for the fans is one of a kind,” stated the young Frenchmen.

The most intense battle on the track however took place between Austin, Texas driver Charles Dorrance in the Sportsman’s Finest truck and Nazareth, Penn., driver Bill Hynes in the LIVE/Think Loud Recordings/Think Loud Advisors SST. The two drivers battled hard lap after lap the entire 12-circuits, even colliding with one another and coming to a halt prior to the cross over jump on one instance. The two drivers who have battled hard with each other all year did not make the Las Vegas event an exception. Dorrance went on to finish ahead of Hynes in the sixth position, while Hynes claimed seventh.

Making his return to an SST truck since X Games Austin in 2014, Manhattan Beach, Calif. competitor Greg Adler in the Toyo Tires/ 4 Wheel Parts truck would incur some damage after sliding into the cross over under and would ultimately finish the race in eighth spot with a beaten and battered truck body.

Crandon, Wisc. driver Keegan Kincaid would encounter a broken axle after the competition caution and would not finish. His TRAXXAS truck would go on to be credited in the ninth position. Los Angeles, Calif. driver Burt Jenner in his Gladiator Tires truck would also encounter a broken axle and would be credited with the tenth.

Creed with his SST victory would go on to clinch the 2015 SST Championship ahead of Robby Gordon by merely single digits. All year long Creed and Gordon battled back and forth on the track and in the point’s standings swapping positions multiple times. Creed’s great runs in Australia the last two weeks, where Gordon got mixed up in trouble set Creed up for the opportunity to come out ahead in Las Vegas. Creed would go on to capture his first SST Championship and the first Championship for Team TRAXXAS.

Gordon would finish the points standing in the second position, while Creed’s teammate Keegan Kincaid would finish in the third position, followed by Gladiator Tire pilot Burt Jenner in the fourth position.

Joining the SST trucks as a support category for the second time in 2015 was the ultra popular Arctic Cat Wildcat Stadium Side x Sides. Just like their big brother the SST’s the Wildcats are identically prepared, and put the drivers up against one another with pure driving talent. SST drivers took the reigns of the Wildcat’s this night and just like in the SST race Sheldon Creed and Robby Gordon broke out to the early lead and would go on to finish that way three wheeling and sliding thru the corners truely displaying the power and capability of the Wildcat suspension.

The SST race from the Las Vegas Village in Las Vegas will be shown on CBSSN November 18 at 9 p.m. ET/ 6 p.m. PT with a re-air on November 22.

As the 2015 North American SST season has come to an end, the season will continue with a non points race at the Coates Hire Sydney 500 December 4-6 in Sydney, NSW, Australia. SST will once again begin its 2016 season at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide, Australia March 3-6 followed by a full slate of races globally, a complete schedule will be announced in the coming weeks.

Sheldon Creed Wins Race #2 At Gold Coast

Round 17 of 20 – Gold Coast Race #2 – 10/24/15

Gold Coast Race #2 – Unofficial Results
Finish Start Truck No. Driver Laps Tire Points Bonus Running / Reason Out
1 3 74 Sheldon Creed 10 Toyo Running
2 8 7 Robby Gordon 10 Toyo Running
3 1 48 Scotty Steele 10 Toyo Running
4 6 47 Keegan Kincaid 10 Toyo Running
5 9 67 Paul Morris 10 Toyo Running
6 11 50 Burt Jenner 10 Toyo Running
7 7 2 Matt Mingay 10 Toyo Running
8 10 83 Matt Brabham 10 Toyo Running
9 5 14 Greg Gartner 10 Toyo Running
10 4 69 Brett Thomas 10 Toyo Running
11 2 57 Bill Hynes 10 Toyo Running


– Starting lineup: Full field inversion from race #1 results. Passing point bonus of 1 point per position (points TBA)







Burt Jenner Wins Race #1 At Gold Coast

Round 16 of 20 – Gold Coast Race #1 – 10/23/15

Gold Coast Race #1 – Unofficial Results
Finish Start Truck No. Driver Laps Tire Points Bonus Running / Reason Out
1 8 50 Burt Jenner 10 Toyo Running
2 3 83 Matt Brabham 10 Toyo Running
3 9 67 Paul Morris 10 Toyo Running
4 10 7 Robby Gordon 10 Toyo Running
5 5 2 Matt Mingay 10 Toyo Running
6 7 47 Keegan Kincaid 10 Toyo Running
7 4 14 Greg Gartner 10 Toyo Running
8 2 69 Brett Thomas 10 Toyo Running
9 11 74 Sheldon Creed 10 Toyo Running
10 1 57 Bill Hynes 10 Toyo Running
11 6 48 Scotty Steele 9 Toyo Mechanical

TRAXXAS Driver PJ Jones Wins Stadium SUPER Trucks Night 1 in Costa Mesa, Calif.

Costa Mesa, California (September 19, 2015) – On a night when 10 Stadium Super Truck (SST) drivers returned to the series’ roots in Southern California, it was the massive cross over jumps and high speeds the race track produced that stole the show at the OC Fair and Event Center Friday night.

Scottsdale, Ariz., driver P.J. Jones took advantage of the rough driving and tight racing the twisting track produced and captured victory in the first of three races to be held at the Sand Sports Super Show. The second race of the triple-header weekend for the SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Presented by TRAXXAS series is tonight at the OC Fair and Event Center. Gates open at 5 p.m. with racing starting at 6 p.m. Tickets are available at the gate for $25 for adults and children 12 and under and military tickets $15. Race No. 3 of the weekend will be held on Sunday afternoon at the OC Fair and Event Center with gates opening at 10:30 am and racing beginning at 11:30.

After a series of single truck qualifying and heat races, Friday’s race– which featured the entire field on DOT approved Toyo A/T tires – SST new comer New Zealand’s Mad Mike Whiddett sprinted out to the early lead for much of the first half of the race before Orange, California’s Robby Gordon muscled past. Gordon, got bottled up in lap traffic in the CBS Sports Network cork screw allowing TRAXXAS-driver PJ Jones to overtake the lead after taking the joker lane. The race was red flagged and cut short at Lap-9 after TRAXXAS-driver Sheldon Creed battling with Gordon got pushed into the wall damaging the front stretch catch fence. Jones was deemed the victor followed by Gordon, and first time competitor and open wheel standout Augie Lerch.

Pennsylvania’s Bill Hynes was fifth followed by teammate Scotty Steele in the Live / UFD TRAXXAS truck. Charles Dorrance from Texas in the Sportsman’s Guide truck, X Games Gold Medal winner Sheldon Creed in his TRAXXAS entry, Burt Jenner in Gladiator truck, and the field was rounded out by Aaron Kauffman in his first start in the Toyo Tires SST.

The race track the SST staff built features sweeping high-speed turns, a difficult sand pit section on the front stretch in front of the grandstands and two massive cross-over jump’s that take trucks over another section of the race track with trucks passing underneath. The track was built adjacent to the Sand Sports Super Show which bills itself as the “world’s biggest sand sports expo.”

15 year-old Sheldon Creed Dominates Round No. 8 for First SST Victory

TORONTO (July 14, 2013) – Sheldon Creed, of Alpine, Calif., dominated the final six laps of the Honda Indy Toronto to capture his first ever SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks victory in convincing fashion.

As gorgeous weather conditions surrounded the Toronto area for the second day in a row, the encore presentation of SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks took to the temporary constructed street course of the Honda Indy Toronto for Round No. 8 of competition.

The starting line-up for the 8-lap SST Final would be determined by a complete invert of the fastest times from Saturday’s Round No. 7. After the inversion Toronto, native, Paul Tracy would find himself starting from the pole position to the inside of Scottsdale, Ariz., driver, P.J. Jones.

As the green flag flew, Tracy driving the No. 3 SportsNet truck would quickly jump out to the early lead but would relinquish it soon after to Jones in the American Racing Wheels truck. Third starting Creed would also move past Tracy and settle behind Jones setting up a fierce battle between the two.

Creed would maneuver past Jones on Lap-3 as the two navigated through the jump section of the 1.75-mile course. Falling in line behind Creed, Jones would constantly apply pressure bumping and banging into the back of the No. 74 Traxxas truck.

Heavy contact between the two trucks would send both drivers spinning out of control. With the tremendous lead on the field, both trucks would regain their position back in the running order. However, the No. 98 of Jones would acquire enough front-end damage in the contact resulting in fading back in the running order and eventually having to pit for repairs.

Justin Lofton of Brawley, Calif., would capitalize on the caution flag on Lap-4 as the Lofton Cattle No. 6 was on the move over taking the third spot from Tracy. Nothing could stop Creed, as he would pull back away from the field on cruise control.

Trouble would find the first place starter Tracy on Lap-6 as he made heavy contact with the wall, causing severe damage to the SportsNet truck ending his return to racing in front of the hometown fans.

Lap-7 trouble would strike third running Justin Lofton as he would encounter a loss of motor performance, resulting in the surrendering of multiple positions.

The No. 7 SPEED Energy truck driven by Robby Gordon would make his presence known on Lap-7 moving into the top-3, recovering from in an early race spin.

In convincing fashion Creed, would go on to secure his name in the record books as the youngest winner in SST history. Robby Gordon would cross the finish line a distant second while Davey Hamilton would grab his first podium finish rounding out the top-3.

After the race Creed commented on winning his first SST Victory:

“Getting my first SST win, I have been searching for this for awhile. Starting third I knew I needed to get away fast. It just wanted to run away from the pack, I did not want to get into the whole bumping and rubbing. I knew if I got in front of P.J. he was going to give it to me today, and he did. I looked in the mirror, and I was waiting for it, and he finally hit me we both ended up spinning out. P.J. and I were so checked out it ended up working out good. On the restart, he was right there again bumping me and pushing me all the way down the straightaway.”

“My strong part of the track was the jumps. It is where I could catch them every lap and just send those things. My weakest point was the back, so I knew if I was going to pass him it was going to have to be in front, and I made it happen!” Stated the young, Creed.

NBC Sports Network will broadcast SST Rounds No. 7 and 8 from the Honda Indy Toronto in the upcoming weeks. Exact date and time is yet to be determined.

The Inaugural season of SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks continues September 1, in Crandon, Wisc., at the Crandon International Off-Road Raceway with Round No. 9 to be part of the 44th Annual World Championship of Off-Road weekend.

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Unofficial Results:

Stadium SUPER Trucks Final (8 Laps): 1. Sheldon Creed; 2. Robby Gordon; 3. Davey Hamilton; 4. Rob MacCachren; 5. Justin Lofton; 6. P.J. Jones; 7. Paul Tracy.


Robby Gordon Wins at Historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Los Angeles, Calif. (April 28, 2013) – Making its return to the birthplace of stadium off-road racing SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks invaded the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for a full night of racing action with three distinct divisions testing their skills on the uniquely prepared high flying dirt and asphalt course. Robby Gordon, Larry Swim, and Jerry Whelchel were able to conquer the multiple challenges to record wins in Round No. 3 of SST Competition.Robby Gordon, of Orange, Calif., driving the #7 SPEED Energy / MAPEI / Toyo Tires truck held off points leader Rob MacCachren to capture his first win in Stadium SUPER Trucks history.

The 20-Lap SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks final began from a staggered start and saw first place starter Gordon jump out to the early lead. Entering turn 1, third place starter Ricky Johnson of El Cajon, Calif., opted to test the cross-over option for a chance to take the over the lead. Not going as planned Johnson’s evening quickly came to an abrupt end as a flat tire resulted in getting him off course in the middle of the peristyle. Trouble also found Jeff Ward on the opening lap as he became stuck in the sand step-up resulting in losing multiple laps to the leader.

Rob MacCachren wasted no time moving from his fourth starting position, quickly moving into the second spot. Gordon led the pack back to the start-finish line for the opening lap ahead of MacCachren and Brawley, Calif., native Justin Lofton. The following laps saw the lead drivers hold their positions and race incident free for 8-laps.

Caution flew on lap-10 following a re-start where Gordon raced back out to four truck length lead ahead of McCachren and Lofton. Arie Luyendyk Jr. found trouble rounding the last corner of Lap-12 resulting in a roll over on the side of his No. 25 machine bringing out a full course red flag.

On the re-start, Justin Lofton running in third place lost the handle on the Solar City No.6 rounding the peristyle resulting in loosing multiple positions back to fifth place. Phoenix, Ariz., native P.J. Jones, would capitalize on the Lofton’s misfortune moving up into third position.

Trouble found Lofton once again on lap-16 as the hard charging Lofton made contact with Iron River, Mich., driver Nick Baumgartner exiting the chicane causing extensive damage to the front end of his race truck. The damage resulted in the No. 6 to lose the hood and drop out of competition one lap later.

Gordon raced the #7 SPEED Energy / MAPEI / Toyo Tires truck to the Round No.3 victory ahead of MacCachren and P.J. Jones.

LA Coliseum Photo Gallery

After the race Gordon commented on winning Stadium SUPER Trucks Round No.3:

“To win a Stadium truck race at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum with the history off-road here is truly something special. I can’t give enough thanks to my partners in believing in me to make my dream a reality.”

Jerry Whelchel, the only competitor to compete in every single Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group event made his return to stadium racing a successful one taking the lead on Lap 3 en route to taking the win in the 10-lap SUPER Buggy final.

Adrian Cenni and Apdaly Lopez started the 12-lap SUPER Buggy final and raced around the challenging course until Lopez stalled on the front stretch of lap-3. Cenni, of New York, NY fell back several positions after making contact with another driver. While trying to make up lost position, Cenni chose the cross-over jump and landed hard breaking the right front suspension.

Cenni would drop out on lap-5 after Rino Navero would jump over the concrete retaining wall brining out the red flag.

Welchel went on to capture the win over Tyler Winburry and third place finisher Phil Bollman.

The Monster Truck Final saw Larry Swim driving the SPEED Energy BIGFOOT defeat BIGFOOT No.15 Darron Schnell in a close matched Chicago style duel.

The Inaugural season of SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks continues Saturday night, May 4, in San Diego, Calif. at Qualcomm Stadium with a full slate of Stadium SUPER Trucks, Monster Trucks, SUPER Buggy, and SUPER Trophy Kart racing.

Tickets to SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks at Qualcomm Stadium start at just $25 for adults with kid’s 12 & under are $10 off with a purchased adult ticket at the stadium box office or through Ticketmaster at or 800-745-3000.


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Unofficial Results


Stadium SUPER Trucks Feature (20 Laps): 1. Robby Gordon; 2. Rob MacCachren; 3. P.J. Jones; 4. Nick Baumgartner; 5. Justin Matney; 6. Lalo Laguna; 7. Mike Jenkins; 8. Greg Adler; 9. Justin Lofton; 10. Adrian Cenni; 11. Arie Luyendyk Jr.; 12. Jeff Ward; 13. Ricky Johnson.

Monster Truck Final: 1. Larry Swim; 2. Darron Schnell.

SUPER Buggy Feature (12 Laps): 1. Jerry Whelchel; 2. Tyler Winbury; 3. Phil Bollman; 4. Eric Jacobus; 5. Eddie Tafoya; 6. Rino Navero; 7. Adrian Cenni; 8. Apdaly Lopez; 9. Steven Arlia; 10. Kyle Quinn.


Stadium SUPER Trucks LCQ (6 Laps): 1. Justin Lofton; 2. Greg Adler; 3. Nick Baumgartner; 4. Mike Jenkins; 5. Adrian Cenni; 6. Jeff Ward; 7. Justin Matney.


Stadium SUPER Trucks Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. Arie Luyendyk Jr.; 2. Ricky Johnson; 3. Robby Gordon; 4. Nick Baumgartner; 5. Mike Jenkins; 6. Justin Matney; 7. Justin Lofton.


Stadium SUPER Trucks Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. P.J. Jones; 2. Rob MacCachren; 3. Lalo Laguna; 4. Greg Adler; 5. Adrian Cenni; 6. Jeff Ward.


SUPER Buggy Heat (6 Laps): 1. Adrian Cenni; 2. Apdaly Lopez; 3. Jerry Whelchel; 4. Tyler Winbury; 5. Rino Navero; 6. Eddie Tafoya; 7. Eric Jacobus; 8. Phil Bollman; 9. Steven Arlia; 10. Kyle Quinn.