Top Gear Loves Stadium SUPER Trucks

Stadium Supertrucks is an excellent form of motorsport. It’s the brainchild of Robby Gordon – a man who’s raced pretty much every kind of four-wheeled vehicle possible – and in its most distilled form is basically real life Micro Machines.

See, when someone says, ‘you know what would make racing better? Jumps!’ they’re often dismissed as immature fools. But, as Robby has proved with Stadium Supertrucks, jumps are exactly what racing needs. Lots of them. Being tackled by lolloping 600bhp trophy trucks all fighting for gaps that aren’t there.

This is exactly what happened during a recent round at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide.

Plucky Californian Sheldon Creed was battling it out with Robby Gordon for second place, where at the final corner, Gordon tripoded his way round Creed to take the position. Not happy, Creed booted the throttle planning to out jump Gordon and to literally leapfrog himself to second place. That didn’t work. Instead he cannoned himself towards the fence, meaning he had to overcorrect on landing causing him to barrel roll spectacularly over the finish line.

With the help of a hard wall, Creed managed to land back on all fours, where he dusted himself down and made his way to the podium. Consider our hats doffed.