Max Gordon WINS Long Beach Race 1

2022 Long Beach Race 1 Results

1. Max Gordon

2. Robby Gordon

3. Robert Stout

4. Matt Brabham

5. Jerett Brooks

6. Gavin Harlien

7. Bill Hynes

8. Davey Hamilton Jr

9. Shaun Richardson

10. Cleetus McFarland

11. Zoey Edenholm

12. Ryan Arciero



Charlotte, NC., (September 24, 2021) – Speed UTV Stadium Super Trucks is excited to be partnering with Baja Jerky in sponsoring Mad Max Gordon and Christian Sourapas for this weekends Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach
Baja Jerky is a no nonsense jerky that offers no preservatives, no nitrates, gluten free, no added msg and no added hormones. They bring the authentic flavors and memories of Baja into their jerky. Their newest flavors Street Taco and Crackin Pepper will take you back to walking down the street in Baja.
“I remember stopping in Baja in the middle of the desert, Robby and Max walked up to me and Max asked if I had any of that Baja Jerky. I just kept thinking I want to bring my son down here and create these experiences and memories like Robby and Max are.” Said Eric Brandt CEO of Baja Jerky.
“We are excited to be bringing the Baja style racing experience to metropolitan cities like the iconic race of the Long Beach Grand Prix. That is why we are sponsoring Christian and Max this weekend in the Speed UTV Stadium Super Trucks. We want to start creating more experiences that families will remember for a lifetime. That is what we are all about is creating and remembering these experiences we have with our family and friends.”
“I am super excited to be representing Baja Jerky this weekend in the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach. I am stoked to have the opportunity to drive and compete with them on my side.” Said Mad Max Gordon “I was fortunate enough to get a taste of Baja Jerky down in Baja and I love it!”
The Baja 500 Baja Jerky sponsored winning Trophy Truck will be on display in our Speed Energy Booth all weekend long inside the convention center. “I want to personally congratulate Larry Roeseler and Eric Brandt on their Win in the 2021 Baja 500.” Said Robby Gordon. “We are excited for Baja Jerky to be a part of Speed UTV Stadium Super Trucks this weekend. We hope to build a relationship that will span across the US and Baja for future races.”
For more information about the Long Beach Grand Prix, please visit learn more about Baja Jerky, visit

2020 Road America Race Results

2020 Road America Race 1 Results

  1. Arie Luyendyk Jr

  2. Sheldon Creed

  3. Robby Gordon

  4. John Holtger

  5. Zane Smith

  6. Jett Noland

  7. Zoey Edenholm

  8. Barry Boes

  9. Max Gordon

  10. Bill Hynes

  11. Matt Brabham

2020 Road America Race 2 Results

  1. Matt Brabham

  2. Robby Gordon

  3. Sheldon Creed

  4. Jett Noland

  5. Max Gordon

  6. Zane Smith

  7. Barry Boes

  8. Zoey Edenholm

  9. Arie Luyendyk Jr

  10. Bill Hynes

  11. John Holtger

2020 Road America Overall Weekend Results

  1. Robby Gordon

  2. Sheldon Creed

  3. Matt Brabham