2020 Road America Race Results

2020 Road America Race 1 Results

  1. Arie Luyendyk Jr

  2. Sheldon Creed

  3. Robby Gordon

  4. John Holtger

  5. Zane Smith

  6. Jett Noland

  7. Zoey Edenholm

  8. Barry Boes

  9. Max Gordon

  10. Bill Hynes

  11. Matt Brabham

2020 Road America Race 2 Results

  1. Matt Brabham

  2. Robby Gordon

  3. Sheldon Creed

  4. Jett Noland

  5. Max Gordon

  6. Zane Smith

  7. Barry Boes

  8. Zoey Edenholm

  9. Arie Luyendyk Jr

  10. Bill Hynes

  11. John Holtger

2020 Road America Overall Weekend Results

  1. Robby Gordon

  2. Sheldon Creed

  3. Matt Brabham

Gavin Harlien Wins Race 2 At Mid-Ohio

Gavin Harlien Mid Ohio

Lexington, Ohio (July 28, 2019) – Gavin Harlien raced to victory in SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Round No. 10 at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Sunday after encountering a heart-breaking defeat Saturday as his truck would develop an issue while dominating the race at the midway point.

Holding the second ever race at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Sunday fans whom lined the 13-turn prominent road course where on their feet the entire race in pure amazement with another thrilling SST race for the ages.

Pole Sitter Gavin Harlien of Mesa, Arizona driving the VP Racing Fuel/Lubricants truck would jump out to the early lead immediately from the drop of the green flag.

Fourth starting Jeff Hoffman of Phoenix, Arizona would drive past second starting Bill Hynes to slide into the second position at the start of Lap-2.

Current SST point leader Matt Brabham of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia however was the man on the move quickly moving up into the fourth position for his eighth starting spot, and looking to be in the mix of the leaders early in the race.

The restart of the second segment allowed Brabham and Hoffman battle hard for the second position, as the two would begin to push it harder with one another. Going side by side multiple times Hoffman would hold off the hard charging Brabham.

Stalking the Toyo Tire tracks of Hoffman, Brabham would use the draft to his advantage slinging past Hoffman for the second position at the start of Lap-9.

Meanwhile, Hoffman and Brabham would battle hard with one another Harlien was on cruise control out front until Brabham would gain his opportunity at the restart the third segment as he would line up directly on Harlien’s rear bumper.

Brabham would make many attempts to move past Harlien the final two circuits looking to move to the inside and outside, but each attempt denied as Harlien would hold him off as thousands of fans cheered loudly.

As the checkered flag waved Harlien would go on to capture his first SST victory of the season ahead of Brabham, and Hoffman who would round out the podium.

Runner-Up finisher in Saturday’s race Greg Biffle of Vancouver, Washington would start his fourth SST race from the fifth spot. Quickly moving forward Biffle would add extreme pressure for the second position by Lap-2. Driving the Continental Tire truck super aggressive Biffle would launch off the Continental Tire ramp and land sideways spinning the truck into the infield grass and backing the truck into the retaining wall.

Biffle would pull to the pit lane to have SST technicians look at the truck for damage. With only a bent rear bumper Biffle would continue the race. Running consistent laps without trouble Biffle would be able to make his plan to advance after the conclusion of the second segment. Biffle would hold a great side by side battle for Cole Potts for the fourth position as the two would go side by side for multiple corners. Coming to the finish line Biffle would sneak ahead of Potts in the finishing order.

Saturday’s race winner Cole Potts of Scottsdale, Arizona driving the Security State Bank truck would start Sunday’s race from the sixth position and quickly move forward by Lap-2. However, Potts would make contact with fellow Scottsdale native Arie Luyendyk Jr. Both trucks would slide into the grass losing multiple positions.

Remaining patient Potts would be able to work his way back into the fourth position by Lap-8 setting up a great battle for the third position after the second competition caution. Pott’s would look to duck to the inside of Hoffman multiple times for third, but Hoffman would slam the door closed sending Potts into the grass again as Biffle would look to challenge him for fourth. As the checked flag flew Biffle would over take Potts for the fourth position resulting in a fifth.

Coming to the starting grid Orange, California driver Robby Gordon sporting his familiar bright orange SPEED Energy livery this weekend would encounter truck issues on the sight in lap. After a few minutes adjustments on pit lane from the SST technicians Gordon would make the call to the grid at the last moment. Struggling the handling of the truck the entire race Gordon would only advance one positions from his seventh starting spot to finish sixth.

Outside front-row starter Bill Hynes of Nazareth, Pennsylvania driving the United Fiber and Data entry would drive a clean and cautious race on Sunday bringing the No. 57 across the finish line in the seventh place.

Third starting Arie Luyendyk Jr. of Scottsdale, Arizona driving the bright yellow SPEED Energy truck would make contact with Cole Potts on the Lap-2 sending both trucks sliding into the grass. Luyendyk Jr. would report the truck would develop a bad vibration. Luyendyk Jr. would nurse the No. 25 around the course the remainder of the event to ultimately finish in the eighth spot two laps behind.

The overall standings for the two races at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course would see Matt Brabham win the overall weekend points championship with a third place finish on Saturday, and a second place on Sunday. Jeff Hoffman would grab the second overall position with a fifth and third respectively. Saturday’s winner Cole Potts would round out the overall podium with a fourth place finish on Sunday.

SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Round 10 Results

July 28, 2019

Lexington, Ohio

1. Gavin Harlien; Mesa, Arizona; VP Racing Fuels & Lubricants

2. Matt Brabham; Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia; Carlisle/ Headstrong/ KMC Wheels

3. Jeff Hoffman; Phoenix, Arizona; Toyo Tires

4. Greg Biffle; Vancouver, Washington; Continental Tire

5. Cole Potts; Scottsdale, Arizona; Security State Bank/ Innovative Computer Professionals

6. Robby Gordon; Orange, California; SPEED Energy/ Toyo Tires/ KMC Wheels/ Menards

7. Bill Hynes; Nazareth, Pennsylvania; United Fiber & Data/ LIVE/ Think Loud Development

8. Arie Luyendyk Jr.; Scottsdale, Arizona; SPEED Energy

Matt Brabham WINS Race 2 At St. Petersburg

Matt Brabham


Round 5 St. Petersburg Race #2 – Official Results
Finish Start Truck No. Driver Laps Tire Points Bonus Running / Reason Out
1 1 83 Matt Brabham 7 Toyo Running
2 9 1 Sheldon Creed 7 Toyo Running
3 10 7 Robby Gordon 7 Toyo Running
4 6 25 Arie Luyendyk Jr 7 Toyo Running
5 7 98 PJ Jones 7 Toyo Running
6 2 55 Gavin Harlien 7 Toyo Running
7 8 67 Paul Morris 7 Toyo Running
8 4 50:1 Jeff Hoffman 7 Toyo Running
9 3 57 Bill Hynes 7 Toyo Running
10 5 75 Davey Hamilton Jr 7 Toyo Running

Overall Weekend Results:

1. Robby Gordon
2. Sheldon Creed
3. Paul Morris

Sheldon Creed Outduels TRAXXAS Teammate Matt Brabham for Honda Indy Toronto Victory

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (July 17, 2016) – In a complete role reversal of Saturday afternoons race, Sheldon Creed captured Sunday’s exciting SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Presented by TRAXXAS (SST) closing event of the Honda Indy Toronto in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by besting his TRAXXAS teammate, and Saturday’s winner; Gold Coast, QLD, Australia driver Matt Brabham by a margin of .004 seconds.

Tenth Starting Robby Gordon of Orange, Calif. would waste no time getting to the front of the field tracking down SST’s first female competitor and early race leader Sara Price of Canyon Lake, Calif. on Lap-4. Following the tracks of the Gordon in the Arctic Cat/ Toyo Tires/ SPEED Energy No. 7 to the front from their eleventh and twelfth starting positions, TRAXXAS teammates Sheldon Creed of Alpine, Calif. and Matt Brabham of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia would waste no time looking for the lead.

Right before the competition caution would fly Creed would nab the lead from Gordon, followed by Brabham in third. The restart would see Creed try to block Gordon for the lead, but Gordon would be too much for Creed to handle. Setting back into the second position Creed and Brabham would tandem draft down the back straight as the two TRAXXAS trucks would blow past the Gordon’s machine into the first and second positions.

The final four laps would see Brabham pull his No. 83 truck along side the 2015 SST Champion in a challenge for the lead. Racing side-by-side much of the race circuit Brabham and Creed would alternate the lead six different times three-wheeling through the corners and putting on an absolute display of driving talent.

Just like the day before the final lap would see the two TRAXXAS drivers continue to go side-by-side all around the Honda Indy Toronto street circuit with the capacity Canadian crowd on their feet with ecstatic cheers. Coming off the final corner Creed and Brabham would race neck and neck to the checkered flag. Creed would make contact with the side of Brabham causing him to fall off the side of the second jump coming to the checkered flag. The contact was enough to allow Creed to grab the victory by a mirror .004 seconds.

Sunday’s victory would be Creed’s seventh victory of the 2016 season.

Much like the position Paul Morris was in one day prior Gordon held the best seat in the house to view the multi-lap duel of the TRAXXAS drivers out in front of the field. Gordon waiting for both drivers to take each other out and capture the win would have to settle for finishing in the third position.

Looking to improve on his fifth place finish from Saturday; Singleton, New South Wales, Australia driver Toby Price would keep his SafeCraft Safety Equipment No. 87 clean sticking with the leaders and would capitalize on a late race spin by Norwell, Queensland, Australia driver Paul Morris. Price would cross the line in a respectable fourth position while Morris would be credited with the fifth spot.

Inver Grove Heights, Minn. driver Dustin Scott would advance one position from his seventh starting spot to claim the sixth position for the second straight day driving his SPEED Energy/ Cobra Transportation No. 20 truck.

Making his second start in a SST race, veteran CART/Champ Car and NASCAR driver Max Papis of Como, Italy would study extensive in-car video over the evening, and the results would show holding with the lead pack most of race. Papis whom was upset with his showing on Saturday, finished in a respectable seventh position and can’t wait to get back behind the wheel again to improve even more.

Scottsdale, Ariz. driver P.J. Jones was credited with the eighth position in the United Fiber & Data No. 98 after making slight contact with various trucks and falling back in the field.

Sara Price in just her second SST start would use all the knowledge she learned in Saturday’s first event to turn heads and capitalize on a mistake by Paul Tracy to drive her BitTorrent No. 78 truck to the lead on Lap-1. Price was able to lead her first three-laps before Gordon and Creed would work there by on the inside to the front of the field. Holding her ground Price would run with the lead pack for most of the event until the brakes would fade considerably forcing her to miss the braking zone on multiple corners ultimately finishing in a very respectable ninth place finish.

Third starting Russell Boyle of Toronto, Ontario, Canada driving the KMC Wheels/ NGStone/ Morgan No. 93 entered Sunday’s event looking to improve on yesterday’s skirmish with Toronto rival Paul Tracy. Boyle would loose the handle on his truck multiple times in the 11-lap event to finish in the tenth position in the final run down.

Bill Hynes from Nazareth, Penn. driving the United Fiber & Data truck was credited with the eleventh position after spinning and stalling his truck on Lap-8 and was unable to finish the scheduled amount of laps.

Fourth starting Paul Tracy of Scarborough, Ont., Canada would quickly jump out to an early lead as the Canadian fans went ecstatic. However, much like Saturday afternoon Tracy would encounter problems leading the race. Missing a breaking zone Tracy would stuff his Royal Purple Synthetic Oil truck into the tire barrier causing extensive damage to his No. 30 machine.

Matt Brabham would capture the overall win for the weekend with the lowest average of both races with his win on Saturday, and his second place finish Sunday, Second was claimed by Sheldon Creed, while the overall podium was completed by Robby Gordon in third.

The next event in the season-long SST World Championship will see the excitement of the SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Presented by TRAXXAS return to the dirt and sand of Southern California with the Sand Sports Super Show event September 16-17.

Advance ticket sales to Rounds 15 & 16 at the Sand Sports Super Show will be available soon through the through https://stadiumsupertrucks.com and http://www.sandsportssupershow.com. Check back often for future announcements.

SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Presented by TRAXXAS
Round No. 14 Results
July 17, 2016
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

1. Sheldon Creed; No. 1; Alpine, Calif.; TRAXXAS

2. Matt Brabham; No. 83; Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia; TRAXXAS

3. Robby Gordon; Orange, Calif.; Arctic Cat/Toyo Tires /SPEED Energy/TRAXXAS

4. Toby Price; Singleton, New South Wales, Australia; SafeCraft Safety Equipment/ GoPro/ Golden Gate Petroleum

5. Paul Morris; No. 67; Norwell, Queensland, Australia; United Fiber & Data/ LIVE/ Think Loud Development

6. Dustin Scott; No. 20; Inver Grove Heights, Minn.; SPEED Energy/ Cobra Transportation Services

7. Max Papis; No. 9; Como, Italy; SafeCraft Safety Equipment/ GoPro/ Golden Gate Petroleum

8. P.J. Jones; Scottsdale, Arizona; United Fiber & Data/ LIVE/ Think Loud Development

9. Sara Price; No. 78; Canyon Lake, Calif.; BitTorrent

10. Russell Boyle; No. 93; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Morgan/NGStone/Krank Off-Road/ Town & Country Volkswagon

11. Bill Hynes; No. 57; Nazareth, Penn.; United Fiber & Data/ LIVE/ Think Loud Development

12. Paul Tracy; No. 93; Scarborough, Ontario, Canada; Royal Purple Synthetic Oil