CHARLOTTE, N.C. (August 15, 2018)– SST officials have announced plans for the Robby Gordon Off-Road World Championships to take place Friday, November 30; Saturday, December 1; and Sunday, December 2 at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, California.

Southern California is a place where Off-Road Truck Racing, Motocross, FMX, and the UTV industry all collide on a daily basis. Glen Helen Raceway provides the ultimate location to host such a large-scale event such as the Robby Gordon Off-Road World Championship will be.

“Last year we settled the SST World Championship over in Lake Elsinore with an incredible Stadium event where it came down to a single point to decide Paul Morris as the SST CHAMPION over Matt Brabham, but off-road racing is a lot more than just SST trucks and UTV’s. Back in the beginning of my career we use to race at Riverside Raceway with the Mickey Thompson Off Road Grand Prix, and I wanted to bring back something similar with 2 classes of Motocross, 2 classes of UTV’s, FMX and SST Trucks for a weekend long Off Road World Championship. The Glen Helen Raceway campus provides the perfect location for us to host large crowds for a weekend long event with EPIC racing, camping, music, and venders all close to the Los Angeles area,” Stated Stadium SUPER Trucks President, Robby Gordon.

Set against a mountain side North of San Bernardino, California on 256 acres of shared county property the Glen Helen Raceway was built in 1985 to host several sand drag, off-road, and motocross events at various tracks constructed over the years. However, it was the annual stop for the Motocross National event that put Glen Helen on the map with its National MX track. Famous for its famous steep hills, jumps, and banking it offers the perfect combination of extreme obstacles for the various disciplines the Robby Gordon Off-Road World Championships will feature, as all classes will look to conquer the ever challenging outdoor motocross track.

The 2018 Off Road Word Championships will feature 2 unique classes of Motocross; the Unlimited class will feature 250 2 Stroke vs. 450 Pro, and the 125/250 class will feature 125 2 Stroke vs. 250 4 Stroke Pro races. The best riders from all around the world will be on hand to battle for one of the richest purses of the year with the Unlimited Class battling for $15,000 cash to the overall winner, while the 125/250 MX riders will have there own $5,000 overall prize to go after.

Principal of Glen Helen Raceway, Bud Feldkamp voiced his excitement for the newly announced Robby Gordon Off-Road World Championships.

“I am very excited about Robby Gordon’s Off-Road World Championships coming to Glen Helen Raceway this year. As a long-time off-road enthusiast, I myself can remember all the excitement that was shared at places like Riverside Raceway in the 70’s with these Mickey Thompson style events. Glen Helen is on board and ready to do everything possible to make it a truly unique race experience for everyone.”

UTV Pro is Quickly becoming one of the most popular, and most affordable forms of off-road racing today. The UTV division will feature two different classes with the Turbo and Normally Aspirated cars. The two classes will be competing together for a large $10,000 to win overall prize.

Also being contested over the course of the weekend will be a huge FMX Best Trick contest, and an amateur Jump Contest that will be open to all pre-runners, desert and short-course trucks, buggys, cars, and UTV’s. More information regarding both events will be released in the coming weeks.

Robby Gordon Off-Road World Championships is not just action-packed racing on track, make sure to come out to the track early each day as a full off-road and motocross life style village will be happening throughout the day. This will serve as one of the last opportunities to visit with your favorite off-road vendors, and exhibitors to get those last minute Christmas gifts for the off-road enthusiast on your list.

Be sure to stay after the races on Saturday night as included with your race ticket will be live music and a party.

Tickets, and reserved camping spots for the Robby Gordon Off-Road World Championships will be available September 1.

Looking to entertain family and friends or host a holiday party? Outdoor catered suites are available to view all the entertainment. Pricing is available by contacting Stadium SUPER Trucks at

Competitors looking to participate in the following disciplines; Unlimited Pro MX, 125/250 Pro MX, UTV Pro, Freestyle MX, Off-Road Jump Contest are urged to pre-register for the event at starting September 1.
The 2018 SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks World Championship will continue with Rounds 13 & 14; August 24 & 25 in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin for the first annual Menards Stadium SUPER Trucks at Road America.

Discounted pre-sale tickets are currently offered at participating local Menards stores in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan.

For fans attending outside the local Menards area pre-sale tickets with multiple different options are available for purchase at

Driver Lineup Taking Shape For Lake Elsinore

The driver lineup for the Stadium SUPER Trucks races at the Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium in Lake Elsinore, CA is starting to take shape! We are anticipating at least 16 trucks will be entered in the SST races.

Some of the names that have been added to the entry list are

  • Apdaly Lopez
  • Burt Jenner
  • Arie Luyendyk Jr
  • Casey Mears
  • Sara Price
  • Adam Andretti
  • Greg Adler
  • Bill Hynes
  • Paul Morris

More names will be added in the coming days!

Racing Friday, December 15th & Saturday, December 16th. Racing begins at 6pm/pt

Get Tickets HERE!

Toyo Tires and Robby Gordon Grab Victory at the Grand Prix of Long Beach Finale

LONG BEACH, Calif. (April 9, 2017) – Series veteran Robby Gordon had his Toyo Tires and KMC Wheels hooked up on Sunday afternoon jumping out to an early lead from the ninth starting position. With no one able to contest Gordon the Orange, California native would capture his second SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks victory of the 2017 season in convincing fashion.

From the wave of the green flag you could tell it was Gordon’s race to win as he weaved through the hornets’ nest of trucks in front of him. As all of the other competitors made contact with each other Gordon steered clear and was able to move into the second position by Lap-2.

Successfully making a move on Burbank, California driver Erik Davis at the start of Lap-3 for the lead was all that was needed. The final 9 laps Gordon went uncontested to claim victory at Long Beach once again.

Fast qualifier and Saturday winner Matt Brabham of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia driving the SafeCraft Safety Equipment truck would start in the twelfth position and would not have ability to the make it to the front as easy as Gordon. Getting stuck behind some slower trucks Brabham really had to work his way to get to the front. Never having a real good chance to contest Gordon for the lead, Brabham would settle for second place.

Gavin Harlien of Mesa, Arizona had a career weekend behind the wheel of his Royal Purple Synthetic Oil truck. Capturing a third place finish on Saturday, Harlien was eager to improve his position on the podium. Moving to the front of the field early in the event from his eighth starting spot, Harlien was able to hold off the charging trucks behind him to finish third for the second day in a row.

LIVE/ United Fiber and Data driver Paul Morris of Norwell, Queensland, Australia made early contact in the race with another driver where his hood would blow up in his face and hinder his vision for the first half of the event. Morris would shake the piece blocking his view during the competition caution, and would pass truck after truck to move into the fourth position. After challenging Gavin Harlien multiple time for the third position unsuccessfully, Morris held his ground and would finish in the fourth spot.

TruFuel driver Jeff Hoffman of Phoenix, Arizona raced to the front of the field from his sixth starting position and would remain there the entire race. Battling hard with the likes of Paul Morris, Matt Brabham, and Gavin Harlien. Hoffman would go on to finish in the fifth position for the second day in a row. After having seven asphalt races now under his belt in 2017 Hoffman has now gotten very comfortable behind the wheel of his SST to where he can be a front runner each time out.

Scottsdale, Arizona driver Arie Luyendyk Jr. in the LIVE/United Fiber & Data truck would hangout around near the rear of the field most of the race after making contact with the tire wall. The younger Luyendyk would recover to finish the 12-lap event in the sixth position one spot better than the day prior.

For the second day in a row Indianapolis, Indiana driver Davey Hamilton would run at the front of the field at the beginning of the race contending for his first ever podium. However, after the competition caution Hamilton would feel the swarm of other trucks behind him falling back position after position to ultimately finish in the seventh spot.

Anaheim, California driver Myles Cheek making his second ever SST start on Sunday proved the young racer was feeling right at home in a SST truck as he hung around the front of the field from his fifth place starting position until getting loose battling Gavin Harlien for the third position on Lap-5. Cheek would bounce off the tire wall and damage the front end of his CMI Precision Machining/ Outlaw LED truck. After making a trip down pit road to remove the hood, Cheek would limp the No. 257 around the track the final circuits to be credited with the eighth position.

After bicycling his truck and crashing hard into the wall on Saturday afternoon Erik Davis of Burbank, California would start from the pole position on Sunday. Davis would lead the first two laps of the race before being over taken and running mid pack until a Lap-8 spin. Davis would recover and finish the Always Evolving truck in the ninth position.

United Fiber and Data/ LIVE driver Bill Hynes of Nazareth, Pennsylvania whom was fighting a case of the flu all weekend would fight through it and run a steady and clean race go on to finish the ten-lap event in the tenth position.

After hard contact on Saturday afternoon the SST crew worked hard overnight to get Lodi, California driver Troy Deide ready for Sunday afternoons race, but after pulling onto the track for the sight in lap Diede immediately pulled Diede Construction entry directly onto the pit road with brake issues. The No. 441 would not start the race and was credited with the eleventh position.

The overall standings over the three races would see Matt Brabham first, with Robby Gordon claiming second, and Paul Morris rounding out the top three.

SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks will continue the 2017 SST World Championship with Rounds No. 8, 9, & 10; May 5, 6 & 7 at the Barbagallo Raceway in Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

Tickets to the race are available through the SuperCars website at

SST Grand Prix of Long Beach
Long Beach, Calif.
April 9, 2017
Round 7 Results

1. Robby Gordon; Orange, California; Toyo Tires/ KMC Wheels

2. Matt Brabham; Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.; Safecraft Safety Equipment

3. Gavin Harlien; Mesa, Arizona; Royal Purple Synthetic Oil

4. Paul Morris; Norwell, Queensland, Aus.; LIVE/ United Fiber & Data

5. Jeff Hoffman; Phoenix, Arizona; TruFuel

6. Arie Luyendyk Jr.; Scottsdale, Arizona; LIVE/ United Fiber & Data

7. Myles Cheek; Anaheim, California; CPI Precision Machining/ Outlaw LED

8. Davey Hamilton Jr.; Indianapolis, Indiana; Always Evolving/ AerNow/ Outlaw LED/ Dahl Tug and Barge

9. Erik Davis; Burbank, California; Always Evolving/ AerNow/ ReplayXD

10. Bill Hynes; Nazareth, Pennsylvania; United Fiber & Data/ LIVE

DNS Troy Deide; Lodi, California; Deide Construction

Robby Gordon Wins Stadium SUPER Trucks Night 1 in Costa Mesa, California

Robby Gordon Wins Stadium SUPER Trucks Night 1 in Costa Mesa, California

Costa Mesa, California (September 16, 2016) – On a night where 11 Stadium SUPER Truck (SST) drivers returned to the series’ roots in Southern California, it was Robby Gordon who came out on top besting P.J. Jones at the OC Fair and Event Center Friday night.

The temporary race track the SST staff built adjacent to the world renown Sand Sports Super Show features various aspects of the 2016 SST World Championship season including sweeping high-speed turns, a difficult sand pit section, multiple tight corners, and a massive cross-over jump that sends competitors flying over another section of the race track with trucks passing directly underneath.

After a series of single truck qualifying runs and heat races, Friday’s 20-lap main event– which featured the entire field of SST’s on DOT approved Toyo Open Country A/T II tires saw TRAXXAS driver Matt Brabham from Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia jump out to the early lead after the land rush standing start. Brabham would remain in that position until getting pressure from Orange, California’s Robby Gordon whom muscled his way past truck after truck to the front of the field. Brabham would hold off the hard charging Gordon for multiple laps until Gordon would opt to take the joker lane late in the event and slip past Brabham by a near bumper.

The last lap would see Brabham trying hard to get back past Gordon, but would come up short as P.J. Jones substitute driving for Pat O’Keefe in the SafeCraft Safety Systems truck would quietly work his way into contention and make contact with Brabham moving him out of the way.
Gordon would go on to win the event ahead of Jones, and the third finishing Brabham.

Sara Price of Canyon Lake, Calif. racing in front of many hometown friends and family in the her United Fiber and Data/BitTorrent truck would remain patient throughout the event running her own race. A late race mishap by Arie Luyendyk Jr. would allow her to capitalize on the position. Price would go on to claim her best SST finish to date in the fourth position.

Back in the Royal Purple Synthetic Oil colors this weekend Arie Luyendyk Jr. of Scottsdale, Ariz. would run with the top four competitors majority of the race until contact with the retaining wall with four laps to go would allow Price to slip by. Luyenkdyk would be credited with the fifth position.

Norwell, Queensland, Australia driver Paul Morris would find trouble with six laps remaining putting his United Fiber & Data No. 67 truck on its roof thru the treacherous sand pit. In typical SST fashion track officials rolled the truck back over and Morris was able to continue the 20-lap event finishing in the sixth spot.

Short course ace Kyle LeDuc of Beaumont, Calif. driving the Toyo Tires/ 4 Wheel Parts truck would battle power steering issues all night. As the SST technicians would thrash to get it fixed for the final, Leduc would run Robby Gordon’s Arctic Cat/ Toyo Tires truck in the qualifying heat. Adapting quickly to the challenging course configuration of the Costa Mesa track in his own truck for the final Leduc would race to finish respectfully in the seventh position.

2016 SST World Championship points’ leader Sheldon Creed of Alpine, Calif. would quickly race out to the front of the pack and challenge for the lead but a broken axle would damper that effort suddenly. Looking to gain as many points as he possibly could Creed would limp his battered and bruised TRAXXAS truck to a eighth place finish.

Returning to the facility where he made his first SST start in 2014, Bill Hynes of Nazareth, Penn. would drive a consistent and smart race to finish the United Fiber & Data truck in the ninth position.

SuperKart driver Troy Diede of Lodi, Calif. making his first ever SST start held his ground early in the main event as he quickly raced out to the early lead from his first starting position. Laying down consistent laps Diede would find himself running in the top five for majority of the event until contact with P.J. Jones would spin him around losing valuable track time to the leaders. Staying out of trouble for the entire race Diede successfully finished his first SST race in the tenth position.

After having various scheduling conflicts the last few months Tyler McQuarrie of Walnut Creek, Calif. left off right where he did the last time he sat in his SafeCraft Saftey Systems Stadium SUPER Truck. The tight and narrow corners of the temporary Costa Mesa track suited the driving style of the professional drifter as he ran in the top three majority of the main event before mechanical failure forced the ultra quick driver out of competition. McQuarrie would be credited with the eleventh position.

The second and final race during the Sand Sports Super Show weekend for the SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Presented by TRAXXAS will take place Saturday night at the OC Fair and Event Center. Gates open at 5:30 p.m. PST with racing starting at 7 p.m. PST. Tickets are available at the gate for $30 for adults, while tickets for children 12 and under, police, fire, and military are just $15.

SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Presented by TRAXXAS
Round No. 17 Results
September 16, 2016
Costa Mesa, California

1. Robby Gordon; Orange, Calif.; Arctic Cat/ Toyo Tires/ SPEED Energy
2. P.J. Jones; Scottsdale, Arizona; SafeCraft Safety Equipment/ GoPro/ Golden Gate Petroleum
3. Matt Brabham; Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia; TRAXXAS
4. Sara Price; Canyon Lake, California; United Fiber & Data/ LIVE/ BitTorrent
5. Arie Luyendyk Jr.; Scottsdale, Arizona; Royal Purple Synthetic Oil
6. Paul Morris; Norwell, Queensland, Australia; United Fiber & Data/ LIVE/ Think Loud Development
7. Kyle LeDuc; Beaumont, California; Toyo Tires/ 4 Wheel Parts
8. Sheldon Creed; Alpine, Calif.; TRAXXAS
9. Bill Hynes; Nazareth, Penn.; United Fiber & Data/ LIVE/ Think Loud Development
10. Troy Diede; Lodi, California; Diede Construction/ Diede Racing
11. Tyler McQuarrie; No. 6; Walnut Creek, Calif.; SafeCraft Saftey Equipment/ GoPro/ Golden Gate Petroleum

Sheldon Creed Sweeps Stadium SUPER Trucks Weekend at the Grand Prix of Long Beach

LONG BEACH, Calif. (April 17, 2016) –Sheldon Creed captured the SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Presented by TRAXXAS race No. 2 at the Grand Prix of Long Beach Sunday in an amazing duel with Robby Gordon that had the thousands of fans that lined the 11 turn 1.968-mile street circuit on their feet the entire race in pure amazement how thrilling these SST races truly are.

Immediately from the start of the race this became a race for the ages, as Orange, Calif. driver Robby Gordon would jump out to an early lead on Lap-2 from his sixth starting position, as Alpine, Calif. driver Sheldon Creed would navigate through the traffic jam with perfection to place his TRAXXAS truck right on the rear bumper of Gordon from twelfth. The only two SST Champions in it’s four year history where prepared to put on a show for the capacity crowd that stuck around after the IndyCar event to witness the high-flying, tire squealing chaos we call Stadium SUPER Trucks.

For ten consecutive laps the two drivers absolutely stunned the crowd with the most impressive display of clean SST racing you could ask for. Passing each other back and forth with side-by-side drag racing into corners, bumping each other’s rear bumper, as they would slide around the corners smoking their ultra though Toyo Open Country AT II tires.

The two drivers were checked out from the field having an absolute blast when USAC officials waved the red flag at the start of the eleventh lap for a big accident for Pleasant Hill, Calif., driver Pat O’Keefe who violently rolled his truck over the front stretch TRAXXAS ramp into the catch fence.

As safety crews checked on O’ Keefe, the race was deemed completed with Creed the victor over Gordon.

When it comes to a driver that has been at the front of the field in all Stadium SUPER Truck events in 2016, Surfers Paradise, QLD, Australia driver Matt Brabham is the guy. Brabham has positioned his bright blue United Fiber & Data No. 83 in position to win at all six previous rounds. Sunday was no different advancing to the front of the field from his eleventh starting position. Brabham would put pressure on the lead two of Creed and Gordon on Lap-3 briefly, but the pace of Gordon and Creed was too quick as the two worked out to a 4-truck lead over Brabham. Brabham would remain in third until Tyler McQuarrie would content for that position from him and make the a pass on Lap-6. However, Brabham would fight back making contact with McQuarrie sending both trucks spinning. Brabham would be able to work his way back into the third position where he would finish the exciting event.

Burbank, Calif. driver Erik Davis in just his fifth start in Stadium SUPER Trucks would put himself in the right positions at the right time on Sunday hitting his marks and driving a super clean race. Including avoiding a late race tangle with fellow Californian Tyler McQuarrie and Dustin Scott. Davis would drive his Always Evolving/AERNow/ Replay XD truck to a very respectable fourth place finish.

Mr. Excitement from Saturday’s Round No. 6 Tyler McQuarrie would once again have his Safecraft Saftey Equipment truck ultra fast. McQuarrie would quickly move from tenth starting position into a battle with the lead pack in four short laps. McQuarrie and Brabham would once again find themselves racing hard with each other on the racetrack. McQuarrie would work past Brabham on Lap-6, but Brabham would continue to apply pressure to McQuarrie the two drivers would make contact sending McQuarrie spinning. McQuarrie didn’t stop there as he worked on moving back through the pack but once again would encounter trouble with the Davis and Scott truck. McQuarrie would claim the fifth position.

In making just his fourth ever start on asphalt Dustin Scott of Inver Grove Heights, Minn., would recover the SPEED Energy/ Cobra Transportation Services No. 20 from a early race spin to battle his way back into the third position on Lap-8 until contact with Davis and McQuarrie would make him spin loosing multiple positions. Scott would be credited with the sixth position.

United Fiber and Data/ LIVE driver Bill Hynes of Nazareth, Penn. would be scored in the seventh position ahead of SST newcomer Khaled Al Mudhaf of Kuwait City, Kuwait in eighth.

O’Keefe in the SafeCraft Safety Equipment truck would go on to be credited with ninth in the finishing order after his jaw-dropping aerial acrobatics on the front stretch.

Norwell, QLD, Australia driver Paul Morris would run in the top-5 majority of the day before blowing a power steering line on Lap-6 causing him to pull into the pit lane under the competition caution. As the SST support crew went to work on the United Fiber & Data/LIVE No. 67, but Morris would loose 3 laps to the lead pack. Once rejoining the field Morris would go on to finish the race and be credited with a tenth place finish.

Davey Hamilton of Nampa, Idaho would encounter fuel pick up problems on Lap-6 and would pull the No. 30 Royal Purple Synthetic Oil entry onto pit road for service under the competition caution, but would not rejoin the field.

TRAXXAS driver Keegan Kincaid of Crandon, Wisc., would jump out to an early lead before a electrical issue would end his race early on Lap-2 scoring him in the twelfth spot.

The overall standings over the two races would see Sheldon Creed capture the overall victory with his win on Saturday and Sunday. Matt Brabham would claim second, and Tyler McQuarrie in the third spot.

The next event in the season-long SST World Championship will see the thrills and spills of the SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Presented by TRAXXAS head to the northern United States for the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix June 3-5 for rounds eight and nine.

Advance ticket sales to Rounds 8 & 9 are available through the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix website at

SST Grand Prix of Long Beach

Long Beach, Calif.

April 17, 2016

SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks by TRAXXAS

Round 7 Results

1. Sheldon Creed; No. 1; Alpine, Calif.; TRAXXAS

2. Robby Gordon; No. 7; Orange, Calif.; Arctic Cat/ SPEED Energy/ Toyo Tires / TRAXXAS

3. Matt Brabham; No. 83; Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.; United Fiber & Data/ LIVE/ Think Loud Development

4. Erik Davis; No. 75; Burbank, Calif.; Always Evolving/ AERNow/ Replay XD

5. Tyler McQuarrie; No. 6; Walnut Creek, Calif.; SafeCraft Saftey Equipment/ GoPro/ Golden Gate Petroleum

6. Dustin Scott; No. 20; Inver Grove Heights, Minn.; SPEED Energy/ Toyo Tires/ Cobra Transportation Services/ Delacy Automotive/ Valley Motorsports

7. Bill Hynes; No. 57; Nazareth, Penn.; United Fiber & Data/ LIVE/ Think Loud Development

8. Khaled Al Mudhaf; No. 888; Kuwait City, Kuwait. G-Force Auto Worx/ Kuwait Combat Athletics

9. Pat O’Keefe; No. 14; Pleasant Hill , Calif.; SafeCraft Safety Equipment/ GoPro/ Golden Gate Petroleum

10. Paul Morris; No. 67; Norwell, Queensland, Aus.; United Fiber & Data/ LIVE/ Think Loud Development

11. Davey Hamilton; No. 30; Nampa, Idaho; Royal Purple Synthetic Oil

12. Keegan Kincaid; No. 47; Crandon, Wisc.; TRAXXAS

Racing Returns this Weekend with Three Events in Southern California

Costa Mesa, California (September 15, 2014) – The SPEED Energy Formula Off-Road Presented by TRAXXAS series will headline a full weekend of racing in Southern California Sept. 19-21 at two separate venues. The Stadium Super Trucks (SST) that compete in the high-flying series will be part of the Sand Sports Super Show at the OC Fair and Event Center Friday and Saturday nights, and then will move further south and be part of the Coronado Speed Festival Sunday afternoon at Naval Air Station North Island.


Costa Mesa’s OC Fair and Event Center will host the SPEED Energy Formula Off-Road Presented by TRAXXAS series and a full slate of other off-road racing vehicles during the Sand Sports Super Show Friday and Saturday nights.

While the SST trucks will highlight both nights of racing, SPEED Energy Supermoto, Class 1400 trucks, multiple divisions of UTV’s and Trophy Karts will provide non-stop racing action both nights, with gates opening at 5 p.m.

Tickets are $25 per night for adults. Children 12 and under and military with proper ID receive a $10 discount each night. One-day tickets including admission to the Sand Sports Super Show and one-night of racing are $30 and a two-day combination tickets are $55. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster and and will also be available at the gate subject to availability. General admission grandstand seating is limited and fans are encouraged to buy tickets in advance and arrive early for both nights.

The Sand Sports Super Show SST races will be rounds 12 and 13 in the season-long competition which has included the trucks racing in front of massive crowds at the St. Petersburg Grand Prix, the Long Beach Grand Prix, the Detroit Grand Prix, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and X Games Austin. After racing at the OC Fair and Event Center and the Coronado Speed Festival, the TRAXXAS trucks will close their season under the bright lights of Las Vegas in conjunction with the SEMA Show in November.

Among the drivers entered for the Sand Sports Super Show SST event include Orange County’s Robby Gordon (SPEED Energy/Toyo Tires/TRAXXAS), X Games winner Apdaly Lopez (RPM Off-Road/Visit, TRAXXAS driver Keegan Kincaid, California drivers Burt Jenner (Gladiator) and Nick Vanis (, Arizona’s Scotty Steele, Texas driver Charles Dorrance (Rigid Industries), Michigan’s Aaron Bambach (Discount Tire), IndyCar star E.J. Viso (LIVE/UFD/Momo) and Pennsylvania’s Bill Hynes (LIVE/UFD). Las Vegas and King Shocks’ driver B.J. Baldwin will be making his second SST start of the season after competing at X Games Austin.


Following two nights of racing at the Sand Sports Super Show, the SST trucks and drivers will immediately head south toward San Diego for Sunday’s Coronado Speed Festival on the Naval Air Station North Island as part of the Navy’s Fleetweek 2014.

The TRAXXAS Stadium Super Trucks will race twice on the runway of the active military base which will be transformed into a race track. Each year the Coronado Speed Festival races at the base with the beautiful backdrop of San Diego across the water. In addition to the debut of SSTs, the Coronado Speed Festival features various classes of vintage sports cars and historic stock and Trans-Am cars.

Tickets for the Coronado Speed Festival are available through

Three of SST’s “young guns” will be joining the series when it races at the Navy base Sunday, with San Diego’s Sheldon Creed taking the controls of the TRAXXAS truck, along with fellow teenagers Jerett Brooks in the Synergy Energy truck and Gavin Harlien in the IronClad entry

Sand Sports Super Show – September 19 & 20 – Competitor Info

SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks
Rounds No. 12 & 13
OC Fair & Event Center
Costa Mesa, CA
September 19-20, 2014

Divisions Competing:

Stadium SUPER Trucks
Class 1400 Trucks
AMA SuperMoto
Stock 900 & Below Side x Sides
Modified 900 & Below Sides x Sides
Stock 1000 Side x Sides
Modified 1000 Sides x Sides
Trophy Kart RS450
Registration and pit area will open at 8 AM on Friday, September 19th and Saturday,September 20th

Registration Prices: 2014_grid