St. Petersburg

Feedback: Stadium SUPER Trucks at the Grand Prix Of St. Petersburg (March 29-30)

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Don Hanni

I was there and the SST Trucks put on an awesome show! They ran the Mazda series then the Indy Lights. The crowd wasn’t on their toes. SST changed that quickly. The SST Trucks came through the corners and the crowd roared! Everybody was yelling and commenting on how exciting they were. When the race was over the people around us applauded with their approval of the excitement the series provided! A balls to the wall type of racing and the crowd knew it and loved it! SST ROCKS!

Joanne Duffalo Catalano

We were there both days. The crowds erupted when the SSTs took their first lap. We were lucky to be by a ramp each race, the jumps were crazy!

Tim Rooney

Long time Robby and PJ fan, it was great to see them this weekend. I remember the old Mickey Thompson series running through LA Coliseum, so glad it is being resurrected. This thing will hopefully grow with some exposure and word of mouth. Of the support races run, these trucks had people packed against the fence to watch and they were really into it. Very good to see as a long time open wheel fan, keep up the good work!

Kurtis Marsh

I expect there to be a huge increase in fans this year. I spoke to many people this weekend that were quite pleased with the unexpected excitement.

Jason Loughren

I heard it in the front stretch stands, people were fired up about the trucks…it was awesome.

Rebekah Holmgren Nault

This was an awesome stupid fun race to see!