2018 Lake Elsinore Exhibitor Registration


The 2018 Stadium SUPER Trucks season kicks off  Friday, January 26 and Saturday, January 27 at the Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium, located in no other than the World Capital of Action Sports; Lake Elsinore, California. In addition to the Stadium SUPER Trucks, we will have production UTV 1000, UTV 170,  Mod Kart & Class 1400 truck races, plus a pit party and Off-Road Lifestyle Expo!


Exhibitor Move In/Move Out Schedule

Enter for staging through Diamond Drive to Malaga Rd. The check-in tent will be at the staging entrance along the fence line and will start Thursday, January 25 from 10am-4pm. You will need to get in staging line and then come to the registration table to check-in and take care of any incomplete paperwork, receive campground permits, etc. After check-in, exhibitors will be directed to Expo spot, and to trailer storage, if needed.

Thursday, January 25

10am-4pm – Move in (Big Rig Mandatory)

Friday, January 26

10am-4pm – Move in

5pm – Off Road Expo Opens

Saturday, January 27

12:30pm – Off-Road Expo Opens


10×10 Space includes 2 wrist bands – $500

10×20 Space includes 4 wrist bands – $750

10×30 Space includes 4 wrist bands – $1,000

20×20 Space includes 4 wrist bands – $1,000

20×30 Space includes 6 wrist bands – $1,500

20×40 Space includes 8 wrist bands – $2,000

20×50 Space includes 8 wrist bands – $2,500

25×65 Space includes 8 wrist bands – $3,000



If you wish to register by fax or mail, the form can be found in the Exhibitor Information Packet below. All vendors must download the form below, regardless if you register online or not. Thank you!


In addition to the general admission wristbands, exhibitors will also receive 1 parking pass. Additional wristbands, parking passes and camping options may be purchased when registering. The wristband will get you entry to the stadium grass seating area, concert and expo. If you would like to upgrade to a reserved seat, you may do so at the ticket office for the difference in cost. All wristbands,parking passes, camping passes(if ordered) will be given to you at check-in.

Questions? Email us at info@stadiumsupertrucks.com