What is SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks?

    • SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks (SST) is a new concept of motorsports bringing the best of Baja together with all the excitement of motocross,.on 4-wheels to sporting venues all across North America. Stadium SUPER Trucks are high-powered off-road trucks racing side-by-side on challenging dirt and asphalt tracks with an array of challenges to test the driver’s skill level, including huge jumps, crossovers, sand traps, whoop sections and many tight corners.
    •  Bringing a taste of Baja desert racing to a stadium environment, SST will showcase the thrills and spills of off-road racing to thousands of motorsports enthusiasts in attendance.
    • Not only are bragging rights on the line each race, but competitors will also be racing towards one of the largest purses in off-road today.
    • SST will provide exciting competitive off-road racing with a maximum of 30 race vehicles*; each SST Competitor will have the opportunity to race in at least a minimum two races per event.
    • There will be two (2) heat races which will consist of fifteen (15) Race Vehicles / Competitors*. The top five (5) finishers of each heat race will advance to the Main. Once the two (2) heats are complete, there will be a last chance qualifier (“LCQ”) whereby the remaining competitors who did not finish in the top five (5) in the previous heats, will get yet another opportunity to qualify for the Main*.
    • Depending on the venue and the size of the racecourse, the first five (5) or as many as the first ten (10) competitors to finish in the LCQ will advance to the SST Final*. Therefore, there will be at a minimum of fifteen (15) and a maximum of twenty (20) competitors who will compete in the SST Final, providing an exciting opportunity to compete for the coveted winnings*.

*Number of trucks/ competitors subject to change with amount entered for specific event

SST Vehicle Modifications

Unlike other forms of motorsports, SST provides competitors with a turnkey racing program. Teams (with the assistance of SST marketing representatives if necessary) will acquire sponsors to support their racing efforts. Teams will need to have a Driver, a Crew chief and a Mechanic of their choosing to attend the race events. SST will provide 1 support technician to each team. Competitors shall be allowed to modify the following to achieve maximum performance from Race Vehicle:

  • Tune shock absorbers. Team/ Competitor may buy a set of shock absorbers, install them, and keep as own private confidential information, subject to the limits to be determined by the Series;
  • Adjust tire air pressure base, subject to minimum PSI limits which will be determined by Series and tire manufacturers;
  • Adjust front toe;
  • Adjust suspension on sway bars and truck arms;
  • Change spring rates;

SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Fan Experience

  • The SST Series is a rejuvenating off-road racing by combining the best of Baja with multiple elements of Motocross. The sport features specialty Race Vehicles in extreme competition between some of the best drivers from various racing backgrounds including NASCAR, Off-ROAD, Open-Wheel, Motocross, etc.
  • SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks is an unparalleled stadium motorsports experience featuring a full day of activities that cater to all ages with the SST Ultimate OFF-ROAD Expo, a pit area open to the public throughout the day, drivers available for meet and greet autograph sessions, and track walk all prior to the evenings racing action.