Cole Potts Claims First Stadium SUPER Trucks Victory in Round No. 2 of the 2018 SST World Championship

Adelaide, South Australia (March 2, 2018)– After making his first ever asphalt road race laps in an SST truck on the fast and technical temporary street circuit in yesterdays practice session; Scottsdale, Arizona driver Cole Potts withstood a serious charge by two of Stadium SUPER Trucks elite drivers to became the class of the field winning the opening round of the renamed Adelaide 500 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

Pole sitter Bill Hynes of Nazareth, Pennsylvania would pace the field to green for the 8-Lap sprint. Quickly jumping out to the early lead in the LIVE entry, Hynes would show the field around the circuit for 11-turns before Potts driving the truck would work his way around Hynes to the front from his second starting position.

Shortly after taking the lead Potts would receive pressure for the lead from Penola, South Australia driver Greg Gartner on Lap-2. However, the man on the move was Orange, California driver Robby Gordon working his way all the way into the third spot from the seventh starting position in his familiar bright orange SPEED Energy/ Toyo Tires entry.

As the leaders would begin Lap-3 carnage would break out behind them as the hornets nest of the trucks spinning and banging into each other would began to increase. As Potts and Gartner would race towards Turn-1 Gordon would hold the best seat in the house to potentially witness a great battle, as Gartner would stalk the Toyo Tire tracks of Potts waiting for him to miss his marks in the braking zone.

In typical Gordon fashion there was no time to sit back and watch, as he powered his truck into the corner past Gartner for the second position setting his sights on the bright green Potts trucks for the top spot.

Potts would hold off the hard charging Gordon for several corners in an impressive display of driving by the young Arizona driver in only his second SST start.

The yellow flag would fly over the circuit on Lap-4 as Singleton, New South Wales driver Toby Price, would snap his rear end housing in half ultimately sending his McDonald’s truck through the chicane out of control before pounding the outside retaining wall ending his run in today’s competition.

On the restart Potts would once again hold off a hard charging Gordon who would apply lots of pressure attempting to take over the top position. As Potts and Gordon battled out front Gold Coast, Queensland native Matt Brabham driving the DeVilbiss entry would work his way into the sights of the lead trucks and a podium finish working his way into the third position.

In a bonsai move Scottsdale, Arizona driver Arie Luyendyk Jr. would continue to make Lap-5 interesting as he would completely miss his braking point, and launch past Gordon Gartner, and Brabham into the second position for a brief second bouncing off Gordon and Brabham in the process.

Brabham would be the big winner in the process as he would settle into the second position, and set his sights on Potts for the lead. Gordon would become the big loser, as his truck would encounter significant damage ending his day early.

In a soft and easy pass in the corner Brabham would work his way past Potts for the lead. Things would not go much better for Potts as he would loose the handle on the Hallmark Trust truck coming to the completion of the lap.

As the white flag would fly for the final lap Matt Brabham would make a crucial mistake completely missing the corner allowing Potts and Gartner to get by.

After the race Brabham made it known that his radio had come loose, and was flying around in the cockpit. In the process of grabbing it would loose control and miss the corner.

This would allow Luyendyk to come back into the mix nosing his truck into the R & J Batteries truck of Gartner spinning him out, and out of podium contention.

The race for the second position would heat up tremendously as Luyendyk, Brabham, and Phoenix Arizona racer Jeff Hoffman would now all be gunning for the second position. As all three would beat and bang off each other, and the outside retaining wall loosing ground to the leader in the process.

In a an amazing display of driving Potts would cleanly drive away from the chaos directly behind him for second place en route to his first ever SST victory oddly enough in his first ever start on asphalt in any form of motorsports.

Luyendyk would hold off Brabham at the finish line for the second position, with Brabham rounding out the podium.

The SST trucks will return to the Adelaide Street Circuit for there second round of the Adelaide 500 on Saturday at 1:20 pm local time in front of an anticipated capacity crowd.

Tickets for this weekend’s Adelaide 500 event are still available for purchase by visiting

2018 Adelaide Weekend Schedule

Adelaide 500

Weekend schedule for the Stadium SUPER Trucks in Adelaide, Australia.

(All times local)

Thursday, March 1

12:45pm – Practice

5:40pm – Qualifying

Friday, March 2

2:40 – Race #1

Saturday, March 3

1:20pm – Race #2

Sunday, March 4

2:15pm – Race #3


SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks 2018 World Championship Round 1 Update

Bill Hynes Lake Elsinore

Charlotte, North Carolina (February 7, 2018)- After an extensive video review by USAC and SST officials over the past week it has been deemed that Nazareth, Pennsylvania driver Bill Hynes is declared the winner of Round 1 in the 2018 SST World Championship due to confusion with majority of the drivers in the field pertaining to the use of the joker lap.

Stadium SUPER Trucks President Robby Gordon made the following statement regarding the matter:

“At every professional auto race event a mandatory pre-race drivers briefing is held prior to competition to discuss rules and special procedures. After the completion of the event confusion arose to whether it is possible for a driver to use a joker lap on a restart with less than two laps remaining? USAC officials announced via one-way radio transmission to drivers that no joker laps were allowed to taken thru the completion of the race. However, if a driver did not have radio communication the understanding of the rules would be reverted back to what was told at the drivers briefing. In a private questioner given to all drivers participating in the event the response ultimately showed there was confusion during the drivers briefing on the use of a joker lap on a green flag lap and white flag lap.”

“Bill Hynes, driver of the United Fiber & Data truck, took the joker lap on the green flag lap, and not the white flag lap as originally thought. With that said USAC and SST have overruled the finish of the main event on January 27th, and Bill Hynes has be rewarded with the main event win from the opening round of the 2018 SST Championship at Lake Elsinore.”

After given word of the video review and decision by USAC and SST officials the always-energetic Bill Hynes had the following to say about capturing his first victory in Stadium SUPER Trucks competition.

“I am beyond pumped to capture my first Stadium SUPER Trucks victory. After USAC and SST reviewed all of the video footage, timing and scoring, there was no doubting the winner of this race!” Said Bill “The Thrill” Hynes (#57) of Team UFD Racing, on the occasion of his fifth SST season start.

“I have participated in the series since 2014, and I have worked extremely hard to be able to race door to door with professionals such as Matt Brabham, Sheldon Creed, Paul ‘The Dude’ Morris, and the legend himself, Robby Gordon. Robby and ‘The Dude’ have spent time working with me over the years, and they have opened up their tracks to me to test the trucks and provide the one-on-one coaching time that I needed. I can’t thank them enough for giving me the tools to compete in this series. I especially thank my sponsors: the multi-platinum rock band LIVE, Sparco, Arai, Rockwell Watches and Corby Concepts, in addition to Rockfish Public House and YRK Creative — both from York, Pennsylvania.”

The 2018 SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks World Championship continues with Bill Hynes the World Championship point’s leader March 1-4 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia for the Adelaide 500.
Proud Stadium SUPER Trucks supporters LIVE will be playing in concert Saturday night, March 3.

VP Racing Lubricants and Apdaly Lopez Claim Victory in First SST Event of 2018

Lake Elsinore, California (January 28, 2018) – The 2018 SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks World Championship kicked off Saturday night with a return to the sold out Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium in Lake Elsinore, California. Fans in attendance witnessed one of the most entertaining and dramatic filled SST events in quite some time as VP Racing Lubricants driver Apdaly Lopez would claim the first SST victory of 2018 over Jeff Hoffman.

Fifth starting Apdaly Lopez of Tecate, Baja California, Mexico is no stranger to the temporary off-road track the A.M. Ortega crew built inside the Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium. Lopez would dominate the opening round of competition in the Stadium SUPER Trucks Race and Rock World Championship Finals back in December, and would look to back that up in the opening round of 2018 dawning a new partnership from VP Racing Lubricants.

The start of the 16-lap main event would see the newest member of Team UFD Jeff Hoffman of Phoenix, Arizona jump out to an early lead on first time SST starter Cole Potts of Scottsdale, Arizona.

The first lap would see action all over the track as potential race winners Sheldon Creed of El Cajon, California and Jerett Brooks of Alpine, California would become locked together dropping back in the field early in the event.

Robby Gordon of Orange, California driving the SPEED Energy/ Toyo Tires truck would settle into the second position behind Hoffman on Lap-2, and would quickly challenge for the top position. Battling back and forth Hoffman would over drive the corner, and would allow Gordon to take the top spot, and drive out to a sizable lead.

Following in the tracks of the hard charging Gordon for multiple laps the LIVE truck of Hoffman would hit all his marks with accuracy, and would make up enough ground to come close enough to challenge Gordon back for the lead. Hoffman would pass Gordon for the lead in a daring move to the inside just before the competition caution would fly over the field. At the halfway mark Hoffman would lead Gordon, and Brooks who battled his way back thru the chaos into the top three after the early tangle in the event with Creed.

The restart would see Hoffman loose the handle of his truck in the first corner kicking it up on two wheels, the lurking Gordon would capitalize launching the No. 7 back into the lead. Dropping into the third position behind Hoffman would be Lopez who was battling thru the field after making early contact in the event with various competitors. At this point Lopez truck was showing signs of nothing short of war.

Driving like a man possessed Lopez would now set his sights on Gordon and the top spot. Finding just the right opening to drive his truck in extremely hard into the lower groove Lopez would work Gordon up the track to move past him in textbook dirt track racing fashion.

However, Hoffman would have something to say about that, as he would take his joker lap to catapult back into the lead ahead of Lopez all while Gordon would work his way back past Lopez for second. Just when you think things are working in the favor of the driver they call “The Hoff” his truck would stall in the middle of the corner dropping him back to the fifth position.

All while the red flag would wave stopping an incredible battle out front. Brooks driving in replacement for the injured Paul Morris would roll over his LIVE entry onto the side right in the path of on coming trucks.

The restart would see Gordon get a good jump on the second place Lopez to break out to a four-truck advantage.

One lap later the red flag would once again come out for SST rookie Blade Hildebrand of Yucca Valley, California, as his Empire Destructive entry would go for a series of rolls going over the crossover jump. The young driver would remain in the truck and restart at the back of the field a true test of the durability and construction of these Stadium SUPER Trucks.

The closing laps would see Lopez drive extremely aggressive looking to charge to the front of the field making contact with Gordon multiple times and eventually moving past him. Hoffman lingering back in third place would want into that party as he would slide around the outside of both drivers to take the lead on the final lap. Lopez would battle back as Hoffman’s truck would stumble temporarily allowing Lopez to open up a sizable lead.

The beaten and battered VP Racing Lubricants truck of Apdaly Lopez would cross the finish line first capturing victory in round 1of the 2018 SST World Championship. Hoffman would cross the line in the second position, followed by teammate Gavin Harlien who would get past Gordon in the closing corners.

Even though a driver may win a race in Stadium SUPER Trucks, the overall weekend point’s title is earned by gaining points every time a driver is on track in competition and second finishing Jeff Hoffman driving the LIVE entry would be a perfect example of that in Round 1 of the 2018 SST World Championship.

Consistency is the name of the game and Hoffman was able to back that up. Qualifying in the third position, finishing in the second position in the heat race, and following those efforts up with a second place finish in the main event. Hoffman would earn enough points to best Sheldon Creed by 2, and Apdaly Lopez by 3 to capture his first ever SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks overall.

The 2018 SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks World Championship will continue with Round 2, 3, 4; March 1-4 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia for the Adelaide 500. Proud Stadium SUEPR Trucks supporters LIVE will be playing in concert Saturday night, March 3. Advanced tickets are available for purchase at

Please visit for more information on the 2018 SST World Championship schedule.
SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks World Championship
Round 1
Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium
January 27, 2018
Lake Elsinore, California

SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Final

1. Apdaly Lopez; Tecate, Baja California, Mexico; VP Racing Lubricants/ RPM Off-Road/ KMC Wheels
2. Jeff Hoffman; Phoenix, Arizona; LIVE/ United Fiber & Data
3. Gavin Harlien; Mesa, Arizona; United Fiber & Data/ York Creative/ Think Loud Development
4. Robby Gordon; Orange, California; SPEED Energy/ Toyo Tires/ KMC Wheels/ Menards
5. Cole Potts; Scottsdale, Arizona; SPEED Energy/ Hallmark Security State Bank/ CPI
6. Sheldon Creed; El Cajon, California; A.M. Ortega/ United Rentals
7. Matt Brabham; Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia; DeVILBISS/ Hawk Performance/ KMC Wheels
8. Blade Hidebrand; Yucca Valley, California; Empire Destructive/ MPI
9. Bill Hynes; Nazareth, Pennsylvania; United Fiber & Data/ LIVE/ Think Loud Development
10. Lalo Laguna; Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico; RPM Off-Road/ KMC Wheels
11. Arie Luyendyk Jr.; Scottsdale, Arizona; Hostile Racing Wheels/LIVE
12. Jerett Brooks; Alpine, California; LIVE/ United Fiber & Data/ Think Loud Development

Lake Elsinore Friday Practice Results

Lake Elsinore Friday Practice Results

1. Gavin Harlien – 38.243
2. Robby Gordon – 38.451
3. Jerret Brooks – 38.812
4. Jeff Hoffman – 38.821
5. Sheldon Creed – 38.923
6. Matt Brabham – 38.986
7. Blade Hildebrand – 39.034
8. Arie Luyendyk Jr – 39.806
9. Apdaly Lopez – 40.137
10. Cole Potts – 41.698
11. Bill Hynes – 43.253

2018 United Fiber & Data Driver Roster

Team UFD Racing has announced their driver roster for the 2018 Stadium SUPER Trucks season, which kicks off Saturday, January 27th at the Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium in Lake Elsinore, California!

#25 Arie Luyendyk Jr, #55 Gavin Harlien, #57 Bill Hynes, #67 Paul Morris.







Stadium SUPER Trucks to Start 2018 World Championship at Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium January 27

Lake Elsinore, California (January 9, 2018) – Kicking off the sixth season of competition SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks will return to Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium in Lake Elsinore, California for a huge one-night event January 27 to begin the 2018 SST World Championship.

“An absolute beautiful and challenging stadium style track was built in December for the SST World Championship Finals providing some of the most entertaining close quarters racing the series has ever seen. Friday night saw the 2017 Baja 1000 Champion Apdaly Lopez battle hard with myself for the win, while Saturday night saw an unbelievable duel between 2015 & 2016 SST Champion and Jerett Brooks that kept the crowd on the edge of their feet. Mix in the yearlong championship coming down to the last lap with Paul Morris winning by just 1 point over Matt Brabham. Stadium racing provides the up close entertainment and thrill the fans all want to see, it’s a no-brainer for us to start the season where we ended it.” Stated Stadium SUPER Trucks President Robby Gordon.

Built in 1994 for the Single-A affiliate of Major League Baseball’s San Diego Padres, Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium home of the Lake Elsinore Storm was completely transformed in early December from a baseball diamond to a off-road playground with nearly 300 truck loads of dirt hauled onto the field, and sculpted into a challenging off-road track featuring multiple obstacles such as a huge container crossover jump, that will send the trucks souring into the air nearly 35 feet.

Quickly becoming one of the most popular, and most affordable forms of off-road racing today the UTV 1000 class will once again join the high flying Stadium SUPER Trucks on track. The event in December saw popular Southern California UTV front-runners Myles Cheek, and Ronnie Anderson claim victory, and a healthy pay day on respective days under the lights in front of a large crowd.

Will Myles and Ronnie be back to defend their wins? Can Mr. XP1K4 RJ Anderson find his racing groove in the UTV, and get up front to compete with his younger brother?

After a pair of unbelievable wild Modified Trophy Kart races in December, the Modified Trophy Karts will be back action in action in January. This scaled down Stadium SUPER Truck beginner class for kids 16 & under provides some of the closest racing action of the evening as kids get to display their talents in front of their SST heroes under the Stadium lights.

Back by popular demand the crowd favorite 1450 trucks will join the January program. These desert racers turned short course pilots have been apart of the Stadium SUPER Trucks programs in the past, and when they are on track you never know what to expect.

In 2014 Michael Cox stole the show launching his modified Ford Bronco sky high much to the delight of the roaring crowd, in 2015 it was Buddy Baker and Ryan Kibbe with the TrophyLTD car whom stunned the crowd, and other competitors competing with the trucks. Who will be the highlight of the 1450 class in 2018?

SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks events are not just action-packed racing on track, be sure to come out to the event early Saturday morning as a full Off-Road Lifestyle Expo and Swap meet will be set up for the entire day.

Interested in displaying your products or selling in The Off-Road Lifestyle Expo and Swamp Meet. All the information to do so can be found at

Advanced tickets for the Stadium SUPER Trucks 2018 season opener can be purchased at Tickets can also be purchased on site at the Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium Box office from 9 AM-5 PM Monday thru Friday. Tickets will also be available for purchase the day of the event.

Friday night all classes will hold practice. Fans are encouraged to come out and
see all action FREE of charge. Then come back on Saturday night January 27th for a full night of racing.

Looking to entertain family and friends? Fully furnished, catered, and climate controlled suites are available to view all the entertainment on the stadium floor in luxury. Pricing is available by contacting Stadium SUPER Trucks at

Tight Championship Battle Heading Into Season Finale

December 16, 2017

Matt Brabham has a 15 point lead over Paul Morris, heading into Saturday’s season finale at the Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium. 2013 & 14 champion Robby Gordon is within striking distance, trailing Brabham by 23 and Morris by 8.

Watch the season finale LIVE at


4x SuperCross Champion Ryan Villopoto to make Stadium SUPER Trucks Debut at SST Race & Rock World Championship

Lake Elsinore, California (December 13, 2017) – Stadium SUPER Trucks Officials announced today that multi-time SX and MX Champion Ryan Villopoto will make his first ever start in an SST truck this weekend at the SST Race & Rock World Championship in Lake Elsinore, California.

After winning four straight AMA Supercross Championships from 2011 to 2014, Villopoto announced his retirement at the beginning of the 2015 season. Since that time Villopoto has looked to continue his passion for off-road, but on four wheels instead of two.

“I’m excited to get behind the wheel of a off-road truck again, I haven’t had many chances to drive, but the few I have had it’s been an absolute blast. I’ve been following what Robby Gordon has been doing with Stadium SUPER Trucks for some time now, and to have an opportunity to drive one of those trucks with some of the best names in the sport is truly an honor.” Stated Villopoto.

Villopoto’s No. 2 truck is supported by Bristol; Tennessee based RPM Off-Road, an after-market truck and diesel specialty store offering sales and services in house and online.

Joining Villopoto on the RPM Off-Road team will be 2017 Baja 1000 Winner Apdaly Lopez, and the first female to compete in Stadium SUPER Trucks; Sara Price.

Tickets for the first ever Stadium SUPER Trucks Rock and Race World Championship Finals a can be purchased at

Tickets also can be purchased on site at the Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium Box office. Multiple ticket options are available from reserved seats; general admission to multi day passes.

Make sure to come to the event early each day as the Off-Road Lifestyle Expo opens at 2 PM on Friday, 10 AM on Saturday, and stay after the races are over for a concert by Warrant on Friday and BuckCherry on Saturday.

Looking to entertain family and friends or host a small holiday party? Fully furnished, catered, and climate controlled suites are still available to view all the entertainment on the stadium floor in luxury. Pricing is available by contacting Stadium SUPER Trucks at

Drivers looking to participate in either the 1000 UTV’s , Modified Trophy Karts or 170 UTV’s there is still time to sign up. Drivers are able to register for the event at

More information on the Stadium SUPER Trucks Rock and Race World Championship Finals can be found at

Suites & Billboard Space Available For Lake Elsinore

A limited amount of suites and billboard space is now available for the December 15-16 races at the Elsinore Diamond Stadium in Lake Elsinore, California. Please click the links below for more info on each item. Interested parties can contact us at